Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal Paper Sizes

57mm width80mm width2 1/4" width3 1/8" width75mm width44mm width37mm width110mm width
57x30mm80x50mm2 1/4"x50ft3 1/8"x190ft75x70mm44x30mm37x30mm110x37mm
57x40mm80x60mm2 1/4"x75ft3 1/8"x200ft75x80mm44x40mm37x40mm110x50mm
57x47mm80x65mm2 1/4"x85ft3 1/8"x220ft44x44mm37x50mm110x80mm
57x50mm80x70mm2 1/4"x190ft3 1/8"x230ft44x50mm
57x57mm80x80mm2 1/4"x230ft3 1/8"x1900ft44x80mm
57x60mm80x83mm3 1/8"x2500ft

Thermal paper rolls have a thermal coating that reacts with heat from the printer head to create the copy. No print cartridge or ink ribbon is required.
It suits for all the thermal printers and devices such as mobile POS printer,  Point of Sale printers, adding machines, cash registers, and credit card machines.

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