Custom Printed Paper Rolls

custom printed paper rolls

Custom Printed Paper Rolls provides custom printed paper rolls, colored paper rolls including Point of Sale, ATM rolls.

Ads, company logo, return policy, promotion code, special message, etc can be printed on front or back of receipt rolls. The printed paper roll is up to 4 colors to make your logo, promotion and your business more vivid and eye-catching. It's an economic way to get more people know your business.

Popular Sizes: 57x30mm, 57x40mm, 57x50mm, 57mm x 17mt, 57mm x 18mts, 80x65mm, 80x80mm, 80x150mm, 80x200mm, 2 1/4"x85ft, 3 1/8"x230ft, etc.


Printing Position: Front or Back side
Colors: 1-5 colors
OEM Service
Cost: Low cost comparing with other marketing strategy