Thermal Paper Roll 80mm x 80mm

thermal paper roll price

80MM x 80MM is the most popular size for thermal paper roll, till rolls. It fits most 80mm thermal printers, calculators, cash registers like EPSON, IBM.Width: 80mm Diameter: 80mm Paper Weight: 55-65gsm Length:60-80meters Core: 12mm plastic/paper core Packing:50 Rolls/CartonMOQ: 5000 Rolls, shipped by seaOther services:Our paper roll is your new marketing tool. We can print…

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Thermal Paper Sizes in All

thermal paper rolls

Thermal Paper Rolls All Sizes: 37x50mm, 44x30mm, 44x40mm, 44x44mm, 44x50mm, 44x70mm, 44x80mm, 57x30mm, 57x35mm, 57x40mm, 57x45mm, 57x47mm, 57x50mm, 57x55mm, 57x57mm, 57x60mm, 57x65mm, 57x70mm, 57x80mm, 57x100mm, 60x37mm, 60x40mm, 60x50mm, 80x40mm, 80x50mm, 80x55mm, 80x60mm, 80x65mm, 80x70mm, 80x75mm, 80x80mm, 80x83mm, 80x100mm, 80x150mm, 80x200mm, 80x250mm, 110x37mm, 110x50mm, 210x100mm, 210x110mm; 2 1/4″x30ft, 2 1/4″x40ft, 2 1/4″x45ft, 2 1/4″x50ft, 2 1/4″x60ft, 2 1/4″x75ft, 2 1/4″x80ft, 2 1/4″x85ft, 2 1/4″x190ft, 2…

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Printed Thermal Rolls 80x80mm

printed rolls

 Printed Thermal Rolls Width: 80mm Diameter: 80mm Core:plastic 12.7mm 1-4 colors back/front printed With logo, ads on back of roll, the sellers can promote their business in very low cost. The receipt is small, but it plays a constructive role in businss promoting. For just one roll 80x80mm, hundreds of people can see the ads, logo…

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