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Thermal Paper Rolls

thermal paper rollThermal paper rolls have a thermal coating that reacts with heat from the printer head to create the copy. No print cartridge or ink ribbon is required.
It suits for all the thermal printers and devices such as mobile POS printer,  Point of Sale printers, adding machines, cash registers READ MORE


printed rolls

We offer custom printing on all our paper rolls including POS, ATM rolls.

Ads, company logo, return policy, promotion code, special message, etc can be printed on front or back of receipt rolls. READ MORE


Thermal Paper 80mm x 65mm

Rollos de papel térmico tienen una capa térmica que reacciona con el calor de la cabeza impresora para crear la copia. Se adapta para todas las impresoras térmicas y dispositivos tales como impresoras POS móviles, impresoras para puntos de venta, máquinas de sumar,   READ MORE


How to measure a thermal paper roll?

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